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AMA Tasmania's Annual Parliamentary Dinner

The Annual Parliamentary Dinner is to be held in the Parliamentary Reception Hall, Parliament House, Hobart on Wednesday 23rd September 2015, 7.00 pm for 7.30 pm

($65.00 per head - 2 course meal and drinks)

This is a great opportunity to meet and speak with other members of AMA Tasmania and our Members of Parliament.

RSVP - AMA House  6223 2047 or ama@amatas.com.au

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THC 2015 larger red

Conference Theme:

One system, many people: How can we work together to make it happen?

Tasmania’s health and social care systems are undergoing significant change. 

The Federal and State governments have imposed reforms across the primary health, hospital and aged care sectors which claim to be aimed at providing sustainable, high quality, streamlined care which is “person-centred” and provided “in the right place at the right time by the right person”. 

At the same time, Tasmanian service-providers and consumers alike are grappling with how they implement and interact with advances in technology and new ways of working. 

But, hang on … haven’t we been here before? And if it didn’t work then, why should it work now? 

Health and social care services are about more than bricks and mortar, equipment, strategies and policies. They’re nothing without the people who shape them and deliver them.

Sound policies and plans are critical to successful reform. But if we’re really serious about achieving a single health system for Tasmanians, with strong links to aged care and community services, it’s the people who will make it happen. Health professionals, health experts and advocates need to be working as a team – communicating, collaborating, integrating and embracing innovation. And engaging with consumers to make person-centred care a reality instead of just a buzzphrase.

Can we do it? Are there examples of how it’s already being done well? And what will it take for us to get where we want to be?

Tasmanian Health Conference 2012 register here red button


Life in the Real World

TUMSS Fifth Year Students attend seminar this Saturday.

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Family Doctor Week

Family Doctor Week 2015

20th July 2015: Nearly 90 per cent of Australians have a regular family doctor. We know that people who have an ongoing relationship with their family doctor enjoy better health.
Our events and activities in Family Doctor Week will promote the importance of having a family doctor and that through the provision of patient centred care a trusted partnership in health is formed. This partnership efficiently and effectively delivers patents' holistic medical care, ensuring better health, treatment and management.

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AMA Welcomes the White Paper Release

Doctor with patients arm

28th June 2015: The Australian Medical Association (AMA) Tasmania has welcomed the release of the State Government’s White Paper which outlines a detailed proposal for public hospital health reform in Tasmania.

AMA Tasmania President A/Prof Tim Greenaway said the AMA supported the key principles of the document in the interests of improving patient safety and quality outcomes for patient care in Tasmania.

“It is pleasing to see that the Government is committed to implement change, as AMA Tasmania’s main concern is to see better health outcomes for all Tasmanians,” A/Prof Greenaway said.

“It is encouraging to note that the importance of role delineation for our hospitals has been accepted. The fact that not all services can be provided at every hospital in Tasmania is clearly acknowledged by the White Paper. “Four major hospitals all offering complex services in a state of only 515,000 people is inefficient, potentially unsafe and can no longer continue.”

The AMA supports the decision to establish a dedicated centre at the Mersey for uncomplicated elective surgical procedures and the enhanced role for the Mersey for the provision of sub-acute health services for patients in the North West of the state. A/Professor Tim Greenaway said the AMA supported the White Paper’s principle that complex surgeries should be done in centres where there is sufficient volume and expertise to ensure patient safety and well-being.

“It is important that patients requiring complex surgery are treated in hospitals by doctors who are highly experienced in these surgeries and who have access to the correct equipment, have experienced teams supporting them, and the ability to provide the best possible post-operative care,” he said. “For this to work the efficient transport of patients to and between hospitals is critical and it is pleasing to see that emphasis has been given to this in the White Paper.”

The AMA also supports the decision to re-configure maternity services in the North West by providing a single level 4 service in Burnie. It also notes the Government’s commitment to improvements in the use of telehealth to provide better access for patients to specialist services.

AMA Statement on the Tasmanian Budget 2015

budget calculator


28th May 2015: AMA welcomes additional funding for Tasmania’s front line health services The Australian Medical Association (AMA) Tasmania has welcomed the confirmation of the additional $100 million investment over four years in Tasmania’s front line health services as announced in today’s State Budget.

AMA Tasmania President A/Prof Tim Greenaway said the additional $100 million investment would provide essential public hospital services including elective and emergency services. "While there has been little detail provided with this announcement, we applaud this investment especially given the recent AMA Public Report card which revealed our public hospital system was not meeting clinical demands and is only set to get worse," A/Prof Greenaway said. 

"We welcome this funding for front line health services and the move to turn around the fortune of our public hospital system." A/Prof Greenaway said the AMA also welcomed the announcement of an additional $24 million investment in transport infrastructure and coordination. "It is positive to see the State Government has taken into consideration the feedback gained from the health system reform consultation process and will now be making this investment to improve patient transport through upgrading infrastructure and equipment to ensure patients get to where they need to be for treatment," he said.

"We also particularly welcome the announcement of an additional $2.4 million over four years for Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services to address historical under resourcing of this vital sector.

 "The AMA Tasmania also notes the two-year Heads of Agreement between the Federal and Tasmanian Government’s to provide $148.5 million to ensure the Mersey Community Hospital continues to play an integral role in the health of the local community. "This agreement also paves the way for the continuation of the Tasmanian Government’s health reform process.

"The AMA welcomes the broad approach and the initiatives announced today, but in the end however the devil will be in the detail and we look forward to sitting down and reviewing the budget documents closely."

 Medical Board of Australia and AMA join forces on Doctors Health


4th May 2015: The Medical Board of Australia (the Board) and the Australian Medical Association (AMA) have joined forces on a national health program for doctors and medical students in Australia.

The Board and the AMA have signed a contract for the national delivery of health services to medical practitioners and medical students. The Board will fund the program and a subsidiary company of the AMA, Doctors Health Services Pty Limited (DHS), will ensure nationally consistent services are delivered by service providers in every State and Territory.

The Board will not be involved in the establishment or running of the services, which will:

• be nationally consistent and readily available to all doctors and medical students, no matter where they live

• combine face-to-face health-related triage, advice and referral with telephone help line and online tools and resources where appropriate.

Over time services might expand to also include resilience training and early intervention.

The Board announced in 2014 that it would establish an equitable national health program for doctors and medical students, funded within existing Board resources from registration fees paid by medical practitioners.

Click here for the full media release.

 One Health System White Paper


30th March 2015: The Exposure Draft of the White paper (Exposure Draft) outlines how the State Government will reform the design of the Tasmanian health system to deliver better health services and help the state realise the vision we have for Tasmania to have the healthiest population in Australia by 2025.

The Minister said the Forward to the Paper:    Tasmania’s health system is broken and needs to change. This is not about saving money, it’s about improving patient outcomes. As a result of the changes outlined in this document our health system will operate as one single state-wide system, with each hospital having an important but different role to play.

Hospitals will specialise in the procedures they are best suited to provide and patients will go to the hospital which is expert in what they need. Also, transport and accommodation support will be provided to help people who may have to travel to get the best quality healthcare. Click here for a link to the document.

Abbott dumps GP Co-Payments

medicare card

3rd March 2015: Article from the Mercury, Click here. TONY Abbott is poised to scrap his government’s controversial GP co-payment today. The plan to axe the payment is understood to have gone to cabinet last night and will be put to a meeting of the joint party room today before an expected announcement by the Prime Minister. Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg indicated last night that the $5 co-payment for a visit to the doctor would be taken off the table because it had been widely unpopular. “There wasn’t enough support for it, particularly in the Senate,” Mr Frydenberg told the ABC’s Q&A program.

This morning Finance Minister Mathias Cormann also indicated the payment would be scrapped. He said it was important though to ensure Australia had a sustainable health system into the future. “The challenge is how can we ensure all Australians have timely access to health care in a way that is sustainable for taxpayers in the long term,” Senator Cormann told ABC radio.

GP Forums


28th January 2015: Forums will be held across the country and in Hobart the meeting will be at the Rydges Hotel North Hobart at 11am on the 1st Feb. We welcome AMA members and non-members alike to continue to advocate for strong health policy for general practice. Please join your colleagues at the AMA Forums for General Practice. Please let us know if you intend to participate in the GP Forum by clicking here and registering.



A win at the Tasmanian Industrial Commission for Salaried Doctors

President Abey has today handed down his decision with respect to the application by the Tasmanian Salaried Medical Practitioners’ Society to vary the Medical Practitioners (Public Sector) Award.  TSMPS welcomes the decision and believes it strikes the right balance between innovation and prudent financial management. TSMPS will be holding briefings to discuss the decision but please see below a brief summary of the decision.  The decision is available on the link below.


 President Abey has awarded salary adjustments for: 

  • DIT, other than Registrars      6.5%
  • Registrars                                8.0%
  • Specialists                               6.5%

 to operate from the first pay period to commence on or after the date of the decision.

 There is to be a revised classification structure, based largely on the TSMPS claim, including definitions prepared by TSMPS. President Abey held there was a strong case for the broad structural changes proposed by TSMPS.

President Abey proposed three additional salary points at the top of the scale to be designated as Senior Staff Specialists. President Abey agreed with the inclusion of the Private Patient Scheme allowance in salary for the purposes of calculating superannuation, as a term of the Award.

Continuing Professional Development is to move from reimbursement to an allowance, with caps on the allowance for each level. The allowance is payable pro-rata for part-time employees.

A Communications allowance of $1680 per annum, for mobile telephones, to commence on 1 April 2015.

A new ‘Hours of Work’ clause, to reflect operational realities, to operate from 1 April 2015, with further discussions relating to drafting of the TSMPS clause relating to unplanned ward rounds.

A new ‘Reasonable Notice of Roster’ clause to operate from 1 April 2015.

Part-time employees can also access Sabbatical Leave as a block and have access to the Motor Vehicle Allowance on a pro-rata basis.

The President reserved several matters which were part of the application, for further discussions, including Sabbatical Leave generally, definitions and access to the Senior Staff Specialist classification and Removal Expenses.

The President has asked the parties to convene in February to discuss the drafting of various aspects of the clauses which are to be varied.

The AMA will call a meeting of all Salaried doctors at the Royal Hobart Hospital next week, keep an eye out for notification.

Click here for a copy of the decision.

New Minister backs down on Medicare Rebate cuts

timgreenaway rhh

16th January 2015: AMA Tasmania president Tim Greenaway said common sense had prevailed. “We are very glad the Government has backed down and withdrawn the changes ­because it was a very poor piece of legislation which would have harmed patients,’’ Dr Greenaway said. But he said meetings in Hobart and Launceston on February 1 would go ahead. “We have concerns with ­respect to the plans the Government has signalled in relation to Medicare changes,’’ he said.

Full Mercury article Click Here.

Doctors Outraged at Medicare rebate cuts

medicare card

13th January 2015: Doctors say Federal Government cuts to Medicare will put an end to bulk billing and put pressure on hospital emergency departments. From January 19 changes to the Medicare rebate will see people pay $20 more for some visits to the doctor. The rebate on a GP visit of less than 10 minutes will be cut from $37.05 to $16.95. GPs say they will not be able to absorb this shortfall and will have to pass it onto patients.

Click here for the ABC article.

Medicare Rebate cuts will put Doctors out of Business


9th January 2015:10 minute GP consultations from 19 January 2015, will see the Government cut Medicare rebates by $20 for GP consultations that take less than 10 minutes.

Today, the standard GP consultation has a Medicare rebate of $37.05.  More than 25% of these consultations last less than 10 minutes.  The Government will reduce the rebates for these services to $16.95 by restricting:

  • Level A consultations (MBS item 3) to consultations lasting less than 10 minutes; and 
  • Level B consultations (MBS item 23) to consultations that last between 10 and 20 minutes.

This measure alone will take at least $500 million out of general practice in 2015. Click here for more information.


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